Our Team

Steering Committee

  Eric Eversmann,  Co-Lead, Save the Children

Eric Eversmann, Co-Lead, Save the Children

  Anne Smiley , Co-Lead, FHI 360

Anne Smiley, Co-Lead, FHI 360

  Stephen Luke , FHI 360

Stephen Luke, FHI 360


Technical Advisory Group (Tag)

  Kate Anderson , Brookings Center for Universal Education

Kate Anderson, Brookings Center for Universal Education

  Kolleen Bouchane , Global Campaign for Education - U.S.

Kolleen Bouchane, Global Campaign for Education - U.S.

  Dana Burde , New York University

Dana Burde, New York University

  Michael Gibbons , Wellspring Advisors

Michael Gibbons, Wellspring Advisors

  John Gillies , FHI 360

John Gillies, FHI 360

  Jordan Naidoo,  UNESCO

Jordan Naidoo, UNESCO

  Pauline Rose,  Cambridge University

Pauline Rose, Cambridge University