Teacher well-being and the missing piece of the puzzle: rethinking support to teachers in contexts of conflict, crisis and fragility

In many crisis contexts teachers are working in complex classrooms with minimal support, training, supervision, materials, or compensation, while also dealing with their own experiences of trauma and displacement. Despite the recognition of the significant role teachers play in supporting the well-being and development of their learners, little attention (programmatic/research) has been paid to teachers’ own well-being in these challenging settings. An evidence-based framework for teacher well-being in crisis contexts, supported by a variety of concrete strategies and resources, is urgently needed in order to bridge this gap and transform support to teachers and learners in the some of the world’s toughest classrooms.

Published: April 2019

Author(s): Paul Frisoli, FHI360, Julia Finder, Save the Children, Charlotte Louise Bergin, Save the Children, Amy Parker, Relief International, Minna Peltola, Finn Church Aid

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