The global learning crisis: 600 million children are not learning (CIES 2018 presentation)

This presentation was presented as part of the panel, The Equity Initiative: Data and Evidence to Address the Learning Crisis, at CIES 2018.

In this session, the UIS presents new estimates of the number of children and adolescents who will be unable to read or do math proficiently if current trends continue. More than 617 million children and adolescents of primary and lower secondary age – mainly from sub-Saharan Africa and Southern Asia – are expected to lack minimum proficiency in reading and mathematics, due to a combination of lack of access to education, early drop-out, and not learning enough in school. The estimates were generated with a newly developed methodology that makes use of a new UIS database that anchors the results of learning assessments carried out in more than 160 countries and territories between 1995 and 2015, in order to make them internationally comparable.