Governance and Decentralization of Early Childhood Education Services in Four Countries of the Europe and Central Asia Region (CIES 2018 presentation)

This presentation was presented as part of the panel, The Equity Initiative: Traveling the Road of Expanding Access to Quality Pre-Primary Education Opportunities: Towards a Competent and Efficient Sub-sectorat CIES 2018.

This paper discusses UNICEF’s experience with the development of a framework for implementing quality pre-primary services at scale by building coherent and competent pre-primary sub-sectors. It presents the systematic framework that identifies the essential components within the pre-primary sub-sector, as well as their dynamics, interrelations, and interactions.

Published: March 2018

Authors: Angelica Ponguta, Carlos Aggio, Jan van Ravens, Kathryn Moore, Jelena Markovic, Elisa Hartwig, Bosun Jang, Yale University; Deepa Grover, Joanne Bosworth, UNICEF