Accelerated Education Program in Kakuma Refugee Camp: Teachers’ Perception of Students’ Motivation and Learning (CIES 2018 presentation)

This presentation was presented as part of the panel, Accelerated Education: Building the Evidence Base, at CIES 2018.

While the scholarly base for the field of education in emergencies is expanding quickly, the evidence base for the quality and effectiveness of accelerated education is markedly thin (AEWG, 2017b). Although there are a number of evaluations conducted by organizations on the effectiveness of accelerated education programs, there is a dearth of empirically rigorous literature that discuss the lasting impact of accelerated education programs on crisis-affected children (Burde, 2015). Therefore, this paper examines the accelerated education program in Kakuma refugee camp, Kenya, and explores the extent to which the program meets the educational access, quality of learning, and socio-emotional well-being of overage refugee learners.