How Do We Promote Equity in Education? A New Research Initiative

Rising inequality is one of the greatest challenges facing the global community today – and equity is rightly at the heart of the new development agenda, reflected in the Sustainable Development Goals and the Education 2030 Incheon Declaration. Nowhere is the challenge of equity more salient than in education, with its potential to positively shape life outcomes – or further exacerbate societal disparities. How prepared are we in the education community to address this challenge? 

In this post from the ECCN blog, Education Equity Research Initiative Co-Leads, Carina Omoeva and Eric Eversmann, discuss how the Equity Initiative plans to address this question and more.

Published: February, 2016

Authors: Carina Omoeva, FHI 360, and Eric Eversmann, Save the Children

Posted in: ECCN Blog