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Our Mission

The Challenge

Rising inequality is one of the greatest challenges facing the global community today. 

Equity in education is an essential element for building a better world. The promise of education is not realized for millions of children due to social and economic inequality, discrimination or neglect. Tracking progress "on the average" misses children who are lagging behind due to gender or ethnic discrimination, poverty, disability, or forced displacement.

The Blind Spot

At this time, most organizations and governments DO NOT systematically gather data on disparities in education outcomes and resources. As a result, there is no systematic and consistent approach to building evidence on what works for building equity.

The first step to addressing inequality is seeing it. Without a commitment data and evidence, inequality will remain unreported and unaddressed.


      "Inclusion and equity in and through education is the cornerstone of a transformative education agenda… No education target should be considered met unless met by all."

      — Education 2030 Incheon Declaration


      The Equity Initiative

      Launched in March 2016, the Education Equity Research Initiative is a vital forum for generating evidence around equity in education programs and policies.

      The goal of the Equity Initiative is to advance the field of global education towards equity-oriented education policy and programming. It will do so by creating a vibrant network and strong coalition of organizations committed to developing and consolidating common metrics and a strong research evidence base on education equity. 

      What We Do

      • Tackling known data gaps and under-researched equity issues (e.g. “invisible” populations) to build a strong knowledge and evidence base on the dimensions and magnitude of the challenge
      • Examining the effects of policy and program responses to identify and promote promising, equity-oriented pedagogical, resourcing and financing solutions
      • Shining a light on the connections between education inequality and fragility, and examining effective solutions related to learning and retention for these populations
      • Providing a vital learning forum, bringing together collective knowledge and expertise and connecting professionals at the intersection of research, policy and practice around a common goal and common framework.



        Our Team

        Steering Committee

        Eric Eversmann,  Co-Lead, Save the Children

        Eric Eversmann, Co-Lead, Save the Children

        Anne Smiley , Co-Lead, FHI 360

        Anne Smiley, Co-Lead, FHI 360

        Stephen Luke , FHI 360

        Stephen Luke, FHI 360


        Technical Advisory Group (Tag)

        Kate Anderson , Brookings Center for Universal Education

        Kate Anderson, Brookings Center for Universal Education

        Kolleen Bouchane , Global Campaign for Education - U.S.

        Kolleen Bouchane, Global Campaign for Education - U.S.

        Dana Burde , New York University

        Dana Burde, New York University

        Michael Gibbons , Wellspring Advisors

        Michael Gibbons, Wellspring Advisors

        John Gillies , FHI 360

        John Gillies, FHI 360

        Jordan Naidoo,  UNESCO

        Jordan Naidoo, UNESCO

        Pauline Rose,  Cambridge University

        Pauline Rose, Cambridge University




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