Measurement and Metrics

The first step in developing an understanding of inequality and equity in education is clarity of measurement and metrics.  This includes agreement on and prioritization of both what dimensions of inequality must be measured (and what categories of exclusion are not yet captured), as well as recommendations on how they should be measured, as well as the strategies for collecting and analyzing data, with a particular focus on addressing recognized gaps. 

Jessica Scranton/FHI 360, Kenya TEPD Program

Jessica Scranton/FHI 360, Kenya TEPD Program


  • Agreement and consistency on key equity indicators 
  • Identification of data gaps on equity dimensions (e.g. disability, “invisible populations”) beyond existing data sources
  • Definitions, tools and measurement strategies for filling data gaps
  • Common agenda for data analysis and reporting
  • Expanding longitudinal study designs, data on learning trajectories
  • Better measures of participation (beyond enrollment/attendance)
Jessica Scranton/FHI 360,  USAID Mozambique PPFuturo-MZ Program

Jessica Scranton/FHI 360,  USAID Mozambique PPFuturo-MZ Program



  • Chapter 3 of Handbook for Measuring Education Equity: UIS, FHI 360, Cambridge University, OPM 
  • Task Team on Conflict & Fragility Annex to Measurement & Metrics Landscape Review and Development of Standard Education Equity Indicators for Conflict & Fragility Contexts


  • Measuring Equity in Education: A Landscape review: FHI 360, Save the Children
  • Recommendations for Strengthening Equity Measures in Education: FHI 360, Save the Children, RTI International, People’s Action for Learning Network

Research Products


  • Keely Alexander, RTI
  • Bilal Barakat, Wittgenstein Centre for Demography and Global Human Capital
  • Autumn Brown, IRC
  • Christopher Cummiskey, RTI

  • Amy Jo Dowd, Save the Children
  • Charles Gale, FHI 360
  • Rachel Hatch, FHI 360
  • Patrick Montjourides, UIS
  • Wael Moussa, FHI 360

  • Amy Mulcahy-Dunn, RTI
  • Carina Omoeva, FHI 360
  • Kerin Ord, World Vision
  • Clara Pava, Save the Children
  • Dominic Richardson, UNICEF
  • Lisa Sorensen, World Vision
  • Wilima Wadhwa, PAL (ASER)