Learning and Retention


Who is being left behind?

The key to the transformative potential of education lies in the equity of the learning process - the equitable expansion of opportunities to acquire knowledge and skills to all, regardless of background and socio-economic status.  To achieve this, we need a better understanding of why programs and policies often fall short in meeting the needs of the most disadvantaged, and how our interventions can be best designed and targeted to strengthen equity in education.


Research Priorities

  • Understanding who is left behind

  • Generating evidence on solutions for improving learning outcomes for children with disabilities

  • Equity aspects of early childhood education

  • Addressing data gaps in gender equity

  • Understanding equity in the classroom





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  • Gates Foundation

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  • JBS International

  • Light for the World

  • New York University

  • ONE Campaign

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  • RTI International

  • Save the Children

  • School-to-School International



  • University of Nebraska


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