Education Equity Research Initiative

Equity = Fairness

Leveling the playing field to ensure that all children have the opportunity to reach their full potential.


What We Do

The Education Equity Research Initiative is a collaborative partnership that connects organizations and individuals committed to building stronger evidence and knowledge for improving solutions for equity in and through education.

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Research & Impact

Through its work, the Education Equity Research initiative will build a stronger knowledge and evidence base on root causes and effective solutions for improving equality in educational participation and learning.



Recommendations for Measuring Equity in Education

Key considerations for more and better data


Structured Questions for Equity Analysis

Integrating an equity lens into everyday monitoring and evaluation


Mainstreaming Equity in Education

A way forward to mainstreaming equity-oriented programming and data analysis


Work Streams


Research initiative partners will develop common measurement frameworks to tackle known data gaps and under-researched equity issues and dimensions: e.g. “Invisible” populations, such as children with disabilities, migrant children and children living in pastoral and remote communities.

Little is known about how to stop struggling learners from falling further behind. Research conducted through the Education Equity Research Initiative will examine the effects of policy and program responses to equity in order to identify effective solutions to technical experts and policy makers for improving equality in educational participation and learning.


Research initiative partners will continue to shine light on the connections between education inequality and fragility, and examine effective solutions related to learning and retention particular to these populations.

The research work stream on financing and resource will identify and promote promising policy and programming related to education finance mechanisms, teacher deployment, system management, and equity-oriented resource redistribution equity-driven resource allocation.

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The Equity Initiative is an essential bridge between the global architecture of the sustainable development goals and the many practitioners working on the ground to make those goals a reality.

- Jordan Naidoo, Director, UNESCO Education 2030 Support and Coordination



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