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PAL Network 2019 Conference: Ensuring All Children Learn: Lessons on Equity and Inclusion from the South

  • Islamabad Pakistan (map)

The People’s Action for Learning Network (PAL Network) is a south-south partnership whose member countries work across three continents to assess the basic reading and numeracy competencies of children through citizen-led assessments, in order to provide inclusive and equitable data to inform citizen-led action to improve learning. As national and global level conversations about learning shift from wide acceptance of the global learning crisis to evidence-based and contextually relevant solutions to ensure that no child is left behind, members of the PAL Network will hold a two-day biennial conference in March 2019 in Islamabad, Pakistan.

The Conference Will:

  • Explore known data gaps and under-researched equity and inclusion issues for invisible and vulnerable populations across the global South, to build a strong knowledge and evidence base on the dimensions and magnitude of the challenge;

  • Share data-driven implementation programs and initiatives, using learning data to identify and promote promising, evidence-based, equity-oriented pedagogical solutions to ensure all children are in school and learning;

  • Provide an active learning forum that connects key researchers, practitioners, policymakers, and civil society actors across the global South, catalyzing learning, sharing and knowledge exchange.

The Equity Initiative will serve as one of the partners for the conference along with the REAL Centre, UNESCO, and DFID.