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UKFIET 2017: Education Equity Research Initiative: Assessing Equity in Learning

  • Session: PS-1D The University of Oxford Examination Schools High Street, Oxford (map)

This symposium will be presented at the UKFIET 2017 conference and addresses the following two questions posed within the sub-theme, Inclusive Education for Sustainable Development:

  • What are the main barriers to equitable teaching and learning and how can they be overcome?
  • What are the most effective ways of providing more equitable teaching and learning and what can we learn from those that have not worked?

The symposium is formed around a common analytical framework developed by the Equity Initiative for analysis of learning outcomes data, with a differentiated look at program impact.  Using a common sequence of analytical steps, all contributors to this panel apply an equity lens to their own programmatic data.

Each contribution to this symposium illuminates one element of the analysis, from an understanding of the equity dimensions of the target population of a given program, to identifying the predictors of low performance, to examining within- and across- school variability in learning outcomes, to disaggregating impact analysis by equity categories.  Thus, a common thread addressing the sub-theme questions goes through all presentations.


  1. Equity Implications from Impact Evaluations: A Structured Approach -Carina Omoeva, Wael Moussa (FHI 360)
  2. Every child: Can we use data to target reading interventions more effectively? -Eric Eversmann, Clara Pava (Save the Children)
  3. A Focus on Equity to Inform Internal Evaluations -Amy Mulcahy-Dunn (RTI International)
  4. Equity in Non-Cognitive Outcomes -Silvia Diazgranados Ferrans (International Rescue Committee)

Discussant: John Gillies (FHI 360)

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