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UKFIET 2017: Education Equity Research Initiative: Assessing Equity in Learning

  • Session: PS-1D The University of Oxford Examination Schools High Street, Oxford (map)

This symposium will be presented at the UKFIET 2017 conference and addresses the following two questions posed within the sub-theme, Inclusive Education for Sustainable Development:

  • What are the main barriers to equitable teaching and learning and how can they be overcome?
  • What are the most effective ways of providing more equitable teaching and learning and what can we learn from those that have not worked?

The symposium is formed around a common analytical framework developed by the Equity Initiative for analysis of learning outcomes data, with a differentiated look at program impact.  Using a common sequence of analytical steps, all contributors to this panel apply an equity lens to their own programmatic data.  The common sequence is as follows:

  • Understanding the shape and nature of the distribution, identifying struggling students and the equity dimensions present (gender, poverty, language or ethnicity, disability, displacement);
  • Building the profile of lowest performing students by equity dimensions; 
  • Understanding within-school and across-school disparities in performance;
  • Examining program inputs across equity dimensions, and trajectories over time;
  • Finally, examining impact heterogeneity: does the program have an equity-building effect?

Each contribution to this symposium illuminates one element of the analysis, from an understanding of the equity dimensions of the target population of a given program, to identifying the predictors of low performance, to examining within- and across- school variability in learning outcomes, to disaggregating impact analysis by equity categories.  Thus, a common thread addressing the sub-theme questions goes through all presentations.


  1. Equity Implications from Impact Evaluations: A Structured Approach -Carina Omoeva, Wael Moussa (FHI 360)
  2. Every child: Can we use data to target reading interventions more effectively? -Eric Eversmann, Clara Pava (Save the Children)
  3. A Focus on Equity to Inform Internal Evaluations -Amy Mulcahy-Dunn (RTI International)
  4. Equity in Non-Cognitive Outcomes -Silvia Diazgranados Ferrans (International Rescue Committee)

Discussant: John Gillies (FHI 360)