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Practical Recommendations for Equity Analysis Webinar

During this webinar, we will discuss the practical recommendations from the Education Equity Research Initiative on improving the measurement of equity within development programs. These recommendations respond to needs and gaps identified during a review of the current practices in measuring equity in education, undertaken by the Equity Initiative, covering data collected by international sources and within development projects.

This webinar will delve further into the findings and recommendations presented in the CIES 2017 panel "Rethinking equity measurement practices to ensure education goals are met by all" and share voices across education programs as a means to consolidate current best practices in data collection in education and to chart a way forward together.

As these recommendations are integrated, we will make further refinements based on your experience and will revisit our progress together in a sharing event this summer.

This webinar will offer education practicioners ways to streamline definitions of equity dimensions, improve data comparability, and address measurement of equity dimensions commonly overlooked.