Conflict and Fragility


What works for building skills in conflict & fragility?

The unique set of challenges and contextual factors that are common to fragile environments – the breakdown of social cohesion, deep resource constraints, and severe lack of human and institutional resources – raise the level of complexity in achieving educational equity in these types of settings. If inequality in education at large is a key element in conflict, it follows that educational equity  in fragile contexts strengthens social cohesion and contributes to sustained peaceful development.  There is a greater need for research evidence on how effective existing approaches and policies are in strengthening equity in education, and how equity in education helps strengthen peace and social cohesion.  


Research Priorities

  • Measuring equity in sensitive/ fragile environments

  • Conceptualizing accelerated education (AE) as an equity-building framework

  • Generating evidence on strengthening equity in learning through alternative education models


Research Products



  • ECCN
  • EDC
  • FHI 360
  • INEE
  • NYU
  • Save the Children
  • University of Arizona
  • Wittgenstein Centre for Demography and Global Human Capital