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The Education Equity Research Initiative is a collaborative partnership that connects organizations and individuals committed to building stronger evidence and knowledge for improving solutions for equity in and through education.

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Research & Impact

Through its work, the Education Equity Research Initiative is a vital learning forum, bringing together collective knowledge and expertise and connecting professionals at the intersection of research, policy and practice around a common goal and common framework.



Integrating an equity lens into everyday monitoring and evaluation


A way forward to mainstreaming equity-oriented programming and data analysis


Work Streams


Building a stronger knowledge and evidence base on root causes and effective solutions for improving equality in educational participation and learning.

Tackling known data gaps and under-researched equity issues and dimensions: e.g. “Invisible” populations, such as children with disabilities, migrant children and children living in pastoral and remote communities.


Shining a light on the connections between education inequality and fragility, and examining effective solutions related to learning and retention for these populations.

Examining the effects of policy and program responses to identify and promote promising, equity-oriented pedagogical, resourcing and financing solutions.

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Rising inequality is one of the greatest challenges facing the global community today.

Nowhere is the challenge of equity more salient than in education, with its potential to positively shape life outcomes — or further exacerbate societal disparities. Concerted efforts today to incorporate an equity lens into data, policies and programs will pay important dividends for years to come. Addressing equity in the coming period will require a reconceptualization of our measure of success: a goal is not met unless it is met by all. The task is huge, but with the right data on who is not learning and evidence of what works to meet their needs, it is achievable.

To make it easier to access and explore this data, the Education Policy Data Center (EPDC) has created the Education Equity Explorer tool. Using the tool below you can see how several different dimensions of equity are related to educational participation and attainment. You can also use the tool to compare the progress of countries within a geo-political region or income-group, or define your own selection of countries to compare.


The Equity Initiative is an essential bridge between the global architecture of the sustainable development goals and the many practitioners working on the ground to make those goals a reality.

- Jordan Naidoo, Director, UNESCO Education 2030 Support and Coordination


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